Lyn WallaceLyn Wallace is a registered psychologist with over thirty years  experience in working with couples , individuals and families. She is passionate about therapy for change and specialises in couple work and EMDR ( Eye Movement De-sensitising and Reprocessing)

Couples Counselling

Lyn has worked in private practice with couples for over  three decades  and understands that , for many people,  taking that first  step towards acknowledging that you want things to be different and voicing that to your partner can feel like a  daunting task. Often people worry that their partner will feel threatened or exposed by coming to therapy. The result being that they back away from taking that first step -making that first appointment.

So what do those first few steps look like? Lyn will be aware that people worry about being blamed and judged in talking about their relationship … haven’t we all said and done things in the heat of the moment that we wish we hadn’t. She will work with you in a collaborative way to help you change those your “go-nowhere”patterns of fighting ( for high conflict couples ) or avoiding ( for polite /low intimacy couples). The initial meetings will include an individual session for each of you to understand the issues that may be stressful apart from the relationship- eg confidence issues, anxiety , depression and any addictions.

In most sessions you will go home with some “take-home tasks’ or little experiments that are designed to break the gridlock that couples can feel stuck in.

Common issues that couples consult Lyn around are- repetitive conflict-loneliness-sexual neglect and sexual avoidance-family interference-infidelity- fertility and addiction issues.


EMDR is an eye movement technique used to help people process and dilute the impact of past trauma. It can be used to help people recover from single incident trauma ( eg accidents/injuries) or chronic ongoing childhood trauma – such as neglect or emotional abuse- It facilitates rapid change which has been shown to last over time